Friday, January 31, 2014

New Year-Full of Things that Have Never Yet Been

I have been thinking and desiring to write for months...but then I sometimes wonder if you will be interested in the "goings-on"of my mind. Reluctance put my writing into idle mode. But, I believe that perhaps I should/will share some of the things I have been learning...

For the moment I want us to think about the Year 2014. January, the first chapter, will be the past in a few short hours. All of those dreamy-wishful thoughts for you, and from you, for the New Year...well, they will not fade away with the coming of February; hopefully, they will only intensify!

So here's to you dear reader... some thoughts for the coming year which is just getting warmed up, you know. Or "frozen-up" if you live in most of the continental U.S.

                        "And now let us welcome the New Year
                           Full of things that have never been."
                                                       -Rainear Maria Rilke

              New beginnings.  I love that.  Blank journal pages waiting to be filled with adventures yet experienced and memories yet to be made.  Believe.  Dream.  Stir  up the secret petitions of your heart.  Believe that the Sower of Dreams will give you the desires of your heart.  (Psalm 37:4)

Ask questions.  Contemplate- What would it feel like to be the woman you have always wanted to become?  What would your life be like if you were living the most creative, fulfilling, peaceful life that you can imagine?  What if a year from now you were living that life?  What would you need to change now?

Just ask the questions.  You need not fill in all the answers or concern yourself with the process of getting from A to B.  We are only for the moment opening our minds, stirring our faith and imaginations.
                                                     "For He can do exceedingly,  
                              abundantly above all that we ask or think
                                 according to His power working in us."
                                       -Adapted from Ephesians 3:20    

"Abundantly," in the Greek, denotes "a starting point".  So imagine what you will-the best, sweetest, most incredulous things-  from THAT point, the Lord can take those (dreams) way beyond our wildest imaginings, excessive beyond measure, superfluous, making them superabundant "in quantity" and "superior in quality" beyond that point (quotes from Strong's Exhaustive Concordance).    

                                                   Photo Credit to Ben Hyland
            So take some time today/ this month/ this year and Dream!            

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Kim Hyland said...

Those are wonderful questions, Nicol! It's so encouraging to be reminded of the powerful influence we have on our OWN lives! Nice photos too ;)

Lady Of Virtue said...

Yes- great pictures! Tell Ben "thank you!"