Friday, August 19, 2011


Fridays I am having fun taking 5 minutes to "finger paint with words" as The Gypsy Mama so creatively says. The prompt for today-


I do not think that life would be the same without NEW.

To me there is something so grand about NEW. 

I love the smell of a new car.  (Though I have never bougt a brand new, I have gotten some that had that smell.  They must have just sprayed it in during detailing.)  It's the smell of "drive me on great excursions and unbelievable adventures."

Oh, the blank journal- I love that!  Sometimes I do not even finish the one I am using because I love the newness of the empty one beckoning me to transpose my deepest thoughts and crazy ponderings.

A new wallet.  Some of you may be using the same wallet that you have been for the last 10 years.  But I like me a new wallet every now and then.  No scuff marks, no pen marks.  New pockets and zippers all waiting to be filled with life's receipts and the green stuff.

A new book.  Love it.   A story awaiting for me to unfold and wrap my thoughts and feelings around.

A new baby.  Well, that just surpassed them all, doesn't it?  The newness of life- bringing hope, joy, expectancy, and wonder.

I love new.  It's the new beginnings of life yet to be lived and the surprises that await.


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