Saturday, November 19, 2011

Liebster Blog- Friends

Celebrating the

AWARD!  Yeah!

This was new to me; I love the idea. 
As Jennifer from "Renewing Housewives"
so graciously bestowed the Liebster Award to me,
I in turn choose five blogs that are as the German word "liebster" means
"dearest, friend, or love".

 This award is shared and given to up-and-coming blogs that have less than 200 followers.
To be honest, the five blogs that I chose to bestow the Liebster Blog Award to, may have more than 200 followers.   However, they are each "dear" to me in different ways and worthy of your visit.  Please let them know that Nicol from LOV sent you.

My five chosen blogs are~ - Amy has a very blessed way of finding joy in the journey. This Amy has the heart to Leave a Legacy Purposefully. And this Amy- a pure coincidence! has a safe haven for encouragement, especially reaching out to victims of assault and rape. Shelley's vocation is to encourage mentoring for Moms and young ladies.  Visit Shelley's home page then click on the top bar for the blog- you and your daughters will love it! Craig has incredible spritual insight and writes about it in a most creative, vulnerable, and intelligent way.

All of the above blogs are kindred spirits; they all promulgate godly living, homemaking, mentoring, and loving Jesus- all subjects close to my heart.  Visit them and I am sure you will be as blessed as I am.

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