Friday, December 2, 2011

Tired or Not

  Today is five minute Friday- where we word-crafters are given a prompt by the Gypsy Mama and we type in our thoughts for five minutes ONLY.  That is the fun of it.  What can pour from my thoughts onto the screen in just five minutes?  There is an excited anticipation about it because I do not know WHAT I will write until it is on the screen.  So with the timer minding my limit and fingers sprung ready I begin.  And did I mention there is no editing?, I do not edit content but I have changed some spelling errors so that you could understand my words!

Today's prompt- TIRED


I make my uncooperative body break out of my warm toasty cacoon of comfort- flannel sheets, cotton quilts and comforters.  How can it be morning already?

Before my feet hit the floor I am rehearsing my "to do" list full of busy tasks for a day full of work and play.  My thoughts are layered with the dream I was just having five seconds prior about not being prepared on dress rehearsal time for the show I am in.  No, I am not in a play.  The show is my life. "Must get up!"

I push the button to begin making of brown liquid of "Good Morning" magic.  Looking out at the still dark sky turning violet with promise of a cold, crisp sunny day, "Thank you Lord- it's beautiful."

Sit at my computer screen because I know that if I do not type out words in this moment it will not happen today.  "Tired" is the prompt?   "Exactly".  I brush away the residue for Sand man, straighten my back and get he desired morning crack and I write...."Today is five minute Friday..."

Now my mind is already more clear.

The Gypsy mama was crying last night from feeling tired and overwhelmed.  And it is only December 2nd.... Yes, it's the best time of the year.  The hope and excitement of the season bring a cheerful welcome to me this morning as I am waking up.

Let's rejoice and appreciate the season of Christmas.  The season will be over too shortly, tired or not.

(oops 8 minutes!)

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