Friday, May 17, 2013

Sing Your Song

Have been hungering to write...but bills and getting my chidren's homeschool portfolios ready for their annual evaluations got in the way. But life-stuff always gets in the way and sometimes it's good, like yesterday, when my daughter covered me with hugs and noisy, "mmoiuu" kisses as I headed out the door. I drove north five hours through Pennsylvania's rounded mountain tops and along New York's Finger Lake (I do not know which one, but that did not keep me from inhaling its beauty) to Seneca Falls- I will visit the Women's National Park where the First Women's Convention was held. Thank Elizabeth Cady-Stanton and many other brave women for your right to vote Ladies. Later, I will be heading to spend some time with the Zackey family to discuss the Liberia trip.  To gain further understanding about the travesty that affects Liberia visit the "Make a Difference" page; the button on is the right side bar, scroll down and you will find some information about the Zackeys work.

Right NOW, I want to continue my good-habit of typing words with the ladies at Five Minute Fridays at Lisa-Jo Baker blog. We punch the keyboard for five too-short minutes, a stream-of-consciousness comes through and sometimes I, myself, am surprised at the thoguhts formed on this screen.

Today's propmt- SONG
We are always usually wishing for what we do not have, and as I include myself, I would say that I want to (be able) to sing! Actually, I do not think my voice is offensive to the ears, on the contrary, I would consider it averagely pleasant. BUT, my family and children are always telling me otherwise! "Mom! please don't sing!" Good for me that the Lord appreciates a joyful noise.

Improve Your Singing
Singing is not one of my gifts. I cannot change that. No amount of lessons or practice would make me into a singer-star. But I am thinking that there is something that I can direct: the SONG that I sing.

We all have songs. Some of us choose the whiny-song to which ears close. Others sing the song of martydom. There are songs of complaint, anger, frustration. After listening to those songs, I hear myself singing the same tune.

We choose our SONG. We can consciously choose to sing a song of joy, of gratitude, of hope-even if we don't fell like singing.

If we sing those songs, maybe our thoughts and emotions will rise to the words, and, maybe-just maybe, the world will sing with us.

I leave you with a beautiful rendition of one of my favorite songs-no, I am not singing it!

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