Monday, February 14, 2011

Sweet Cookies!! Yummy treats!

LOVE, chocolate, and kisses and hugs!
What a GREAT day to celebrate!
My sweets are opening their sweets as I write. This is my mothery attempt at heart-shaped pancakes....with chocolate chips- yummy!

Messy cooks are the best ones, right? My little Sarah just may be a bakery chef in the making. We create these sugar cookies for almost every holiday-Christmas trees, Valentine hearts, St. Patrick shamrocks, Easter eggs, etc. ~a colorful treat to eat and it is a good time with the kids playing with the dough and decorating. I want to share the recipe with you at the end if you would like to join in the fun.

I love the colors! This time I added silvery white sprinkles (to my assortment of ephemera, remember?) that looked so pretty on the white iced cookies, like shimmering snow.

Sarah is proud of her heart.

Here is the recipe. I have tried many but I love the tasty "spark" that the lemon juice gives when combined with the sweet icing. As well, I prefer an icing that hardens, nicer for storage and these cookies remind me of Eat-N-Park's.

Mrs. Claus' Sugar Cookies

4 sticks (or 2 cups) of butter
1 cup white sugar
2 beaten eggs
1 T of vanilla
Beat and whip these ingredients together.

Combine in another bowl-
5 cups of flour
1/2 t salt
2 t baking powder

Add slowly to wet ingredients mixing continuously.
Than add-1 T lemon juice

Chill for one hour or longer.

Roll balls of dough onto floured board and use favorite cut-outs.
Bake at 350 degrees or till very light brown.

Beat one egg WHITE with 1/2 t cream of tartar till VERY stiff.
Add slowly 3 and 1/2 cups of confection sugar.
Also adding about 1 T of milk,
just enough for the icing to become thick and creamy.
Add drops of food coloring for desired color.
When cookies are completely cool, use the back of a spoon
to apply about one tablespooon of icing per cookie.
Add all of the candied ephemra that you want!
This recipe makes approximately 3 dozen- 3 inch cut-out cookies.

"Love and you shall be loved." -Ralph Waldo Emerson