Friday, April 29, 2011

A God Who Hears

I am participating in Five minute Friday with Gypsy Mama. Today in five minutes or less I will write to you about the awesome God who hears us.

Spring has arrived!  Yeah!  We did not think it would as the 30 degree temperatures lingered in our corner of the world.  But Spring has come with April showers and bursts of warm sunshine.  This of course is the perfect combination needed for May flowers AND grass to come alive and flourish.

Last year I told myself, "I am hiring a lawn care company to take on this task next year." With perfect, complete affirmation I made that promise to myself as I battled with the weed whacker yet again (the THIRD version I believe).  Now let me explain.  My husband does not "DO" yard work.  End of that point.  I am the one with the green thumb, the artist landscaper's eye, the flower lover, gardener, and herbalist.  So everything short of cutting down trees, the outside of our property has always been my domain of responsibility.  Oh, another piece of information repertoire is that we do not live on a rectangular suburb parcel of grass which would be easy for any twelve year old with even a push mower to take of.  Our property is a very large square made up of about one hundred little puzzle pieces and with all different curves and angles.  Many of which can only be reached with a weed whacker.  Thus, the antagonist of my whole story.

The weed whacker.  I have been instructed.  I have tried and succeeded few times.  But more than not I cannot keep that little thing going!!!  I have used gas ones and electric- no difference. Then if I CAN keep the little blade eater working, that plastic string (which is actually its very efficient "blade") always brakes.  So my neighbors can see me handling this thing with motor running as I am continually banging it on the concrete or pavement to let it out more.  Usually it just gets stuck.  So then I turn the motor off (remember how hard it is for me to get it running?) then untangle, unscroll, unscrew the compartment holding all of that good plastic blade and release it.  Only to start the process all over in about another 90 seconds.  Last Fall ws the last time I told myself.

I hope that I have not lost your interest...and I can hear you wondering, "What does this have to do with a God Who hears?"  Just stay with me please a few moments more.  I had to explain my frustration to serve the desire of my prayer request.

So....last Fall I decided- I am hiring a landscape company do to my lawn care.  This decision follows in with my motto for 2011 "to De-STRESS as much as possible".  Yes, that is my WORD for the year, but that is for another blog to explain.

Lawn care company?  I know the perfect one!  My intuition told me to choose this particular company that I had seen working here and there around my side of town. The crew is directed my what I ascertained as a very hard-laboring woman.  Their service was always sharp and very professional.  But not having a NAME printed on any of their vehicles , I did not know who THEY were.  I waited till I noticed a distant neighbor outside when I was driving by.  She told me the name of the company but did not have their phone number with her.  Yes, they did a great job for a reasonable rate.  "My intuition is right!", I thought.

That same day I went home in search of this phone number.  Two phone books, yellow pages, white pages, Google, and newspaper did not produce any information!  Meanwhile the earth continued to open to the rain, the sun keeps shining, and the grass is still growing.  By now my surrounding neighbors have all cut THEIR grass which only makes OUR grass look like a soon to be jungle!

So- I PRAY.  "Father would you cause me to discover this lawn care company working somewhere so that I may stop and ask them of their services and phone number?" I had not actually seen them this Spring only the fruits of their labors from the one neighbor that I had told you about.  

That was it.  A little trusting prayer.

A few days go by and the grass is still growing.  "Wonder if we have any gas in our lawn mower from last year?  I could give it a quick hack job."

THEN- last night my husbands joyfully tells me.  "I saw Theresa!  and I got her number!"  I tell him that he is a conduit to an actual PRAYER.  We are both happy.  As soon as this black sky with singing birds becomes light I will call Theresa to salvage my yard for the season with her gifted skills with the weed whacker and other such stuff.

I am amazed-  my Father heard, cared to answer, DID answer my request!  Is that not awesome?  Really.  Think about it.

The Creator of the Universe MOVED on MY behalf!  To me that is a miracle in the same genre as resurrecting Lazarus.  Neither was HARD for Him.  He DID it!  He heard me.

Is there anything too small for Him?  I will answer "No." as I enjoy my pedicured carpet of green.

Is there something that you could, should, trust into His care?  Will you take some moments and give it to Him?

Sorry, Gypsy Mama I could not get it done in five minutes nor without using spell check!  Maybe I will do better next Friday.