Friday, July 5, 2013


Writing Five Minutes with other ladies, joining together to post on the prompt BEAUTIFUL at LisaJo Baker's blog


Black eyes covered with failing cover-up.

Black and blue turning purple and green from where the thick fingers grasped the forearm to stop the protests.

Hearts turned hard and calloused from the frequent blows.

Eyes vacant.

THEN- a ray of Love pierces the darkness.

Bringing with it the healing power of softening the hardness.

A new learned trust allows the callous to slough off and as the color of tissue turns
pink again so does the heart. Soft, pliable-full of hope and a returned Love.
Her eyes are full of Life.

He makes all things BEAUTIFUL in His time.


To read amazing stories of God's restoring love, please visit the Project Rescue site. 


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