Monday, January 30, 2012

Eternal Encouragement Newsletter

How often do you need a word of encouragement?  I need a steady infuse of words that pick me up and direct me to the Truth.  It was such day when I grabbed a CD on my way out the door.  I was headed to a far destination; the trip offered plenty of alone time.  I took the chance to fill up my soul.

The CD that I had grabbed featured Lorrie Flem.  I had gotten it many years before at a homeschool
convention, I think.  The Holy Spirit had directed my steps that day as the words that Lorrie shared were just drink that my thirsty soul needed.

I was so moved that I searched Lorrie on the internet and discovered that she has an entire web-site housing her resources.  The magazine that she edited had its titles changed  to Eternal Encouragement.   Isn't that phrase in itself, refreshing?  I wrote an email to her, sharing my gratitude for her words.  Soon after, I received a reply asking if I would consider being a Gabby Mama.   I accepted the role,  which means that once a month I receive a product through Eternal Encouragement, and as a "thank you," I get to share my thoughts about it with you all.

This month I want to share with you the e-letter that Lorrie sends out twice a month.  I so enjoy visiting a blog and receiving words of encouragement (and hopefully you do too, which is why you are here!), but  I also like to have a printed copy sometimes.  (It satisfies that tactile need in me, I guess.)  The newsletters sent from Eternal Encouragement can be read online as well as be printed out.  (And what you are reading here, at LOV, can be printed out as well- look for the Print Button at the end of every post.)

I encourage you to sign-up.  The newsletters are filled with encouragement for wives and mothers wanting to live a pleasing life to the Lord.  Lorrie shares heart-warming stories, always filled with wisdom and her own humorous personality.  You will be led  back to the cross again and again all on a journey of grace.

And the news-letter is FREE!  You can sign up through following this link-

Have a blessed beginning of the week.  Please visit Tuesday and Wednesday as I will be posting February's printables for your Manager of the Home notebook and writing about February's theme.

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