Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Aspiring Writer's Giveaway!

Every writer wants an audience.  But it is a work of sanctification to write for One instead of the masses.

I am still being sanctified in this area; I still need help.  When I read the title to a fellow blogger's new ebook Notes to Aspiring Writers- Your Dream, God's Plan  I got interested.  She asked me to give a review and I was happy to do so.  Thus this post.

Brooke L. McGlothlin shares the journey of her writing metamorphosis.  She begins wanting to be a published author appreciated and adored by her readers through the path of traditional publishing means.  God changes her desires and she is changed as a writer. Through His wooing and love He helps shape her desires into His plans for her.  She now writes with the guidance of One for One.

She bears this journey candidly.  She is honest and spritiually insightful.  I could relate; some of her experiences have been mine.   Yes, I agree this is a "little book with a big message".  If you have any dream this book will encourage you place all of your dreams in His hands.   If you are an inspiring writer you will want to read it too. 

And you can receive a FREE copy from LOV!  Leave a comment concerning anything of your writing experience- how you began, what you love to write about, what your writing dreams are....AND send me an email with your email address. (mrsepple@ladiesofvirtueonline.org)  Next Tuesday the winner will be announced!