Friday, June 24, 2011



Today's prompt for Five-Minute Friday is wonder.   hmm...what comes to my thoughts today as I think of wonder.

I wonder (am curious) how it is that each day can be new?  What a wondrous thought.  Each day involves a night then the glorious sun rises and the day begins anew.  How wonderful of our Creator.  He knew that our bodies would need rest, our brains a break, our hearts a repose.  He knew that the greenery of the earth would need rest from the sun's heat, that animals need to sleep.

Then in the wee hours of morn the dew visits to bring refreshment to the greenery, a moist facial to the soft petals of the flowers.  Oh the wonder-
the splendor.

I wonder that as the flowers receive refreshment from the coolness of night and the dew of early morning, as my mind and body rests through dream upon my bed, I wonder at His mercies being NEW to me every morning as well.  EVERY morning of every day that you and I take breath His mercies are there to greet us- and they are new.  They are fresh.  His compassions like that He has for His creation are there faithfully waiting for us  Oh, the wonder; GREAT is Your faithfulness.

What makes you wonder today?

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