Friday, February 1, 2013

Not Afraid

I was looking forward to Friday morning as I wanted to participate in The Gypsy Mama's 5-minute writing prompt; I thought that it would be a great way to start writing again on the LOV blog.  I was expecting feel good word-prompts like "Tasty," "Fluffy," or "Light."  But today's prompt is AFRAID.  I am stumped.  Nothing comes to mind. Hmm...

OK- I will just stream-write, like we are supposed to do anyway....

AFRAID- Cancer is the first thing that comes to mind....I don't have it, but I could someday. But someday is not today. I will not worry about that.  I can be brave then should that ever occur.

But "afraid" is directly connected to worry isn't it?  We worry because we are afraid of something.

Honestly, I think my biggest worry is not living a lived-life.  I do not want to sound too existential this Friday, cold-Oh, it's February 1st today, yeah!!!-morning.  Really, though, I told myself many years ago, and I am not sure when or what led to this thought, that I never wanted to live a life of regrets-no regrets. I am afraid of doing that. So each day-consciously or not it functions in the weave of my soul now-I try to live.  To me that is sucking in the marrow of the moment, passing on a smile, telling my children that I love them out-of-the-blue. Not that  I get it right-I still yell in my car at really s-l-o-w drivers. 

But, I believe I am living the Master's path. And I am not afraid.

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