Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Confessions of a Transformed Heart

I  want to share a book with you today that will take your mind out of within your four walls. As you read Nancy Shepphard's book you will be taken to reflect on your own spiritual journey.

My son and I were headed to Liberia to learn of the culture and to inquire about possible future ministry projects. When I found out that the hostess of where we were to stay wrote a book about her thirty years experiences of life as a missionary, I purchased it and had it sent express. With Nancy's easy to read style and engaging and sometimes humorous prose, I devoured the book on the thirty hour travel to Africa. I felt as though I already knew Nancy and her family intimately by the time I greeted my hostess in person.
I was delighted to learn that Nancy is as candid and funny as she presents in Confessions.

The insights she shared gave me a jump-start into understanding the Liberian culture. And Nancy's "Confessions" will stir your own heart as one longing to fulfill God's destiny for you.

(Thank you Nancy for being so hospitable. I am thankful for our friendship that blossomed in Liberia.)

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Friday, July 19, 2013


Today's prompt from LisaJo Baker is one of the most beautiful words in the English language-

This is easy for me to write about today.

The emails coming from Liberia, reaching out to me before I have had a chance to reach...

One man who works at the UN his shares his faith and asks for help in continuing his father's mission work of educating Liberian children in a school sixty miles from the capitol.

Another young man with whom my son Asher and I shared food, faith, and fun sends his warm regards and shares the current events in his life.
                                                                     Asher and Prince

A new friend, Shirley, beautiful inside and out, tells me what a blessing it was to have Asher and I at her home where she could cook for us. (The most delicious meal that I had in Liberia by far! Plantains, rice, and a whole fried fish, including eyes, which I did not venture to eat.)
                                                                         Shirley and I  

Belonging is sharing. Belonging is loving.

To Belong is to be Loved and that makes us beautiful.

Over vast oceans, across barriers of culture, He makes us belong to one another.

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Friday, July 12, 2013


It is Friday today! This post is linked with LisaJo Baker's blog where we write for five minutes on her given writing prompt.

Today's is PRESENT.


When I read the prompt for today, I was not sure which meaning LisaJo had in mind for the homonym PRESENT. Did she mean the "here and now; this moment of reality" or "a wrapped up gift"? From reading her post, I soon realized that she meant the present of the "here and now."

But (in perhaps waxing too poetic) I am still considering them both. Our present is a present, isn't it? For yesterday is gone, a mirage of memories. Tomorrow is not yet, a figment of our imaginations.

But we have TODAY. Right now. To wallow in. Jump in. Celebrate. Sleep away (which is sometimes delightful too). Fill with worry. Or anger. Or bitterness. Or joy, contentment, and peace.

TODAY is a present for ours to open and unwrap and use in the manner we desire. I am sure all of us would agree that we want to spend our time wisely, making the most of every PRESENT moment, so that each minute would shine as a diamond. But it is the very minute stitches that create form in a quilt, giving it shape and design. To look at one stitch in isolation of the many others is to see only thread going through material. But viewed in unity with all of the others reveals a beautiful work of art, a blanket of practicality and beauty at the same time.

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So today when you wipe that little nose, shred the carrots, clean the smears off of the mirror, drive kids in a chauffeured relay race-Remember you are stitching  the tiny stitches of the PRESENT.

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Friday, July 5, 2013


Writing Five Minutes with other ladies, joining together to post on the prompt BEAUTIFUL at LisaJo Baker's blog


Black eyes covered with failing cover-up.

Black and blue turning purple and green from where the thick fingers grasped the forearm to stop the protests.

Hearts turned hard and calloused from the frequent blows.

Eyes vacant.

THEN- a ray of Love pierces the darkness.

Bringing with it the healing power of softening the hardness.

A new learned trust allows the callous to slough off and as the color of tissue turns
pink again so does the heart. Soft, pliable-full of hope and a returned Love.
Her eyes are full of Life.

He makes all things BEAUTIFUL in His time.


To read amazing stories of God's restoring love, please visit the Project Rescue site. 


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