Friday, October 21, 2011


This morning as the darkness of night still paints the sky and I "stop, drop, and write" for a few moments about BEYOND and what it brings to my mind.

I study the scriptures and put them in topical sense.  I do this so that I might share with you hope and encouragement- BEYOND- we will KNOW just as "we have been made known".

I endure hurts and heartaches, disappointments and sorrows- just as you- I remember that BEYOND there will be no more tears.  All will be perfect.

I wash dishes, clean toilets, make beds, and car pool children- for today.  These sanctified tasks are holy because I am living in the BEYOND now.  Not fully, in part to be sure, but I have one foot in and what a glorious day it will be- to be fully bodied in BEYOND.  How about you?

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