Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Managers of the Home Study

  Hello to all. I am excited to share with you today something that I think could be life-changing for your home.
  I have had twenty plus years to grow at being a home-maker.  Not just a woman who lives in a house co-habitating with other members who share the same blood.  Nor simply a cook, or laundry washer, ironer, budgeter, shopper, chauffeur to children and teens.

  A maker of HOME.

   Four walls with a roof where love is fostered, creativity blossoms, dreams emerge, comforts laid, lessons learned.   Four walls that are beautified with generosity, appealing hues that set the ambiance of a cozy library or sunny kitchen.  A sanctuary from the world and a place of welcome with hospitality.

     So many areas that make a home.  So many areas to balance.  God made us women the managers of this multi-faceted responsibility; our brains are wired to think of different subjects simultaneously.  If you have ever confused or tired your husband by talking about the dress that you got on sale at the store, which will save you money to put away for Junior's lessons which reminds you that you have to call Jennifer because you need her to carpool with you tomorrow....you know just what I mean. 

   Womens' minds can think globally and in a detailed manner all of the same time.  Yet, even the most clear headed woman can benefit from a list.  You know the classic "To-Do" list.  I cannot remember a time when I did not use one.  Early in my marriage, I used post-it notes.  Then notebooks with pretty covers.  When I started to homeschool my children the daily tasks became more routine and complex.  I think that I would have forgotten to brush my teeth if I did not write it down!  Not really. But I probably would have forgotten to buy the frozen blueberries for a fruit crisp recipe or to order that present for Grandpa's birthday, if I did not write it down somewhere.

   In recent years my "to-do" list has developed into a Home-Manager Notebook.  The demands of having children whose ages span a decade having their own activities that accompany each differing age, their schedules, mine, my husbands, activities we would like to do together, appointments, etc. I found it essential to have a calendar with a planner together.  Though, I could not find a planner that was 1. pretty and 2. fitting to my personal needs.  Yes, both are important.  So through the years I have developed a planner of my own made up of a set of monthly sheets.

   Tomorrow I will post these printables for you to use.  They are for the month of January.  Please come back as I am sure you will love them!

   Today I want to share with a short bible study that I have written on managing your home.  Before tasks are written in their appropriate spot, I have found that there are some essentials that cannot be overlooked if I am to have a happy home.  (Meaning a home where Momma is happy because she is not over-stressed! And a well-planned home makes for an orderly, lovely home.)  Those essentials are pondering, prayer, prioritizing, and planning.

   This study, "Managers of the Home" is six pages in length and I encourage you to prayerfully use it over the next few days.  Pondering your family life, prayerfully asking for wisdom, prioritizing areas, and planning, helps you prepare your home for family life.  You will be able to confidentially say as the virtuous woman from Proverbs, "She looks well into the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness....and she laughs at the time to come." (Prov. 31:27, 25.)

   Your home is a reflection of Him. I pray that my words will point you to Him.

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To download the study click here-Managers of the home.

Remember to come visit tomorrow for January's printables. 

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