Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Winter Sun

This is a re-post, but still gives encourages me....hope it will you.

I sat early morning meditating, praying, thinking on His majesty. Just then a brilliant beam of gold glow shone through the window over the top of the loveseat where I was sitting and targeted my eyes. I turned to the source to see the sun beaming horizontally toward me from over the crest of the mountains. It was as though He was saying, "Just as My eye is on the sparrow-understand, I SEE you." My prayers presently seemed to travel directly to the throne room. And yet not need to travel at all because He is here.

After writing this I look again outside. The golden glow is rising, now softening its brilliance to meld into the now lightened blue sky. These are the only colors of this wintry palette except for my husband's vintage red Ford truck, adding to the poetry of the scene. The trees, bushes, and houses are all a monochrome color of dark umbers. Everything is coated with fresh white, powdery snow which arrived for a visit last night. The sun beams reflect in a snowflake here and there like shiny crystals in a beach of sand.

It is calm.

It is peaceful.

The silent song resonates to my soul, "I am here watching over you." I eat of this spiritual manna.

I am full and content.
I am ready for this day.


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