Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In the NOW

Hello dear Ladies Of Virtue! The autumn air is cold and crisp. Leaves twirl their last dance to the ground as I am reminded of the fast flipping pages of the calendar. Thanksgiving day is in three short weeks and Christmas- yes, CHRISTMAS- in about seven! (Not soon enough for my girls). With the days whirling by us let us take today and pause in the moment of NOW. Let us therefore live TODAY with purpose of mind and passion of heart. That is the by-line of
Ladies Of Virtue- pursuing biblical femininity with purpose and passion. In the soon future I plan to write more of LOV's heart. For today (I remind myself) focus on the moments, the minutes, the hours, that make today- TODAY- with conscious attention, being present in the now and having the understanding that our most blessed Savior is ever with us. Enjoy your DAY.