Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Organizing Happiness

Few things avert the loveliness of a home and simplicity of routine as much as CLUTTER.  We all have experienced this menace and some of you, such as myself, may do battle with it daily.  Piles of paper, strewn toys, piles of books, discarded dirty socks, all littering the beautiful order of Home.

Sometimes, if I allow this clutter-monster to grow too big, I am at its mercy; the overwhelming feeling threatens to paralyze me.  However, I am learning the skillful tricks to combat this menace: small, purposeful steps towards disarming it.

Mrs. Lorie Flem from Eternal Encouragement has written an eBook with just us clutter fighters in mind.  With practical, concise steps, she disarms the mountain of menace one task at a time.  When I read her eBook my highlighter almost went dry!  "Organizing Happiness -Clutter Free" offers insightful advice for the conscious homemaker.  Read and put her advice to use, and you, too, will find Happiness in Organizing! You may receive your free copy by subscribing to her "eternally" encouraging emails. 

Visit Eternal Encouragement and please tell her that Nicol from LOV sent you!
Enjoy your homes, Ladies.   And try to stop by in the nest couple of days to see LOV's new look for winter!!!!

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