Friday, August 26, 2011

Getting OLDER

Painting verbal pictures today with The Gypsy Mama- for five minutes- five minutes only for some writing.

Today's prompt is OLDER.

Go.Older is a word that I have been thinking about all year.  I have completed four decades of my life and am entering the fifth.  Wow.  That sounds old to me!

If by strenngth I would live until I am 80, then that makes me completely, perfectly middle-aged right now. 

Funny, if you have already reached this halmark you understand exactly- that age is relative.  When I was a teen and my parents were in their 40's I thought that was OLD.  Today I see healthy people in their 60's living full, satisfying lives and I think "that's NOT so old!"  Or vivacious seniors in their 70's that add new meaning to "elderly".  I see mothers with toddlers and am surprised at how young they look themselves.

It has been a deep year for me in which I have been pondering about the things of life.  What I have done and where do I want to go?  What else would I like to do in this so very grand adventure?

It has been a turning of chapters for me.  That is a good thing for I love to grab hold of a new book.  But I have to admit sometimes it is hard to put that novel that so touched me back on the book shelf after eading the last page.  Someties I want to take myself and just hang out and live in its world.  I did though, put it on the bookshelf, knowing that I can always take a visit again. 

I pick up the new book and see there are no words in it yet; I have to write them every day.

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