Friday, December 9, 2011

Colors of Life

Today's five minute writing prompt is COLOR.

Color.  Red, blue, orange, yellow, pink, green.  Magenta, crimson, sienna, and ochre.

The hues of red poinsettia, of azure skies lightening, warm glow of yellow candle light, the caramel color of me coffee.  How the color around me adds variance to my scene.  I visually drink in the colors and my mood enlivens, or becomes subdued, depending on the hue.

Imagine a world of only black and white.  How bland, how sad.  We would not have the intoxicating hues that enrich our world.

Experiences can be like colors. 

The birth of a baby brings the red and orange of excitement. 

The calm blue of ordinary days of routine. 

The gray of sorrow.

The warm red of deep love that sets the heart on fire.

The days of chaos and stress are those crazy days of  colors all mixed into muddy brown.

The green of new dreams being birthed.

Some colors backdrop life's painting.  Some accent and punctuate the colors of memory.  And some compliment.

If we did not have dark purple, how would we fully enjoy bright yellow?  Without the fire of red and would the peace of blue satisfy us?

Enjoy your life's colors today.


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