Friday, May 3, 2013

Being Brave

It's Friday and I am linking up with the Ladies from Lisa-Jo Baker's blog. We like to write. And I like that I write just five minutes-stream of conscious-and I have a blog post. Otherwise . . .

Please forgive me for touting myself today, besides the glorious, long-awaited sun shining on the lilac blossoms ready-to-burst and the cool breeze floating through the window as I write stirring up all natural jubilation, I have something  else on my mind and it is sure to show itself as I write.

When the path is before you, but the way darkened, and the only step before you is the one illuminated- You must be BRAVE.

The act of bravery is a relationship: one of believing and one of acting upon.

Twenty months ago, I entered the college classroom. I was not "going back" to school, rather "going" to school. For twenty years I have been raising my wee ones, placing them on the path to adulthood, now I was about to step onto a diverging path. I was not sure if I could  make it through one semester. But with faith, grace, and a lot of  encouragement from family-and patience because of eating too many take-out meals, I am able to finish and earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, History, and Women's Studies. The theme of my LAS degree is "The Influence of Women Upon Culture." Fast and furious-sometimes my motto.

Graduation is tomorrow. Can you read my big smile?

Another path is before me-In four weeks I am traveling to Liberia, Africa. My actual goal is hazy; I just know that I want to spend time working in orphanages and will have the opportunity to interview women who have been victims of rape, H.T., and FGM. Honestly, though I have traveled internationally, I have never been to a country still feeling the destruction of a civil war that ended just ten years ago. And if one googles "Liberia," enough stories will appear to wreak havoc on your dream matter. But I feel compelled to go.
I believe it is part of  His plan and I am taking the step forward.
I am being brave.

All by grace,
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