Friday, March 16, 2012

Traversing the Mountains

So sorry that the screen has been in want of a new post this week- I have been reading chapters upon chapters of a Victorian novel, studying Baroque painting, trying to wrap math theorems round my brain as I am sure I will never use this stuff in "real life", and best of all drinking in the unusual (for this time of year up north) wall-to-wall warm sunshine (I am sure that I now have enough vitamin D to make a milkshake!)  But I wanted to do some stream writing before the week is over, so here goes, using the prompt form The Gypsy Mama.



Mountains high and valleys low
you trudged through the marsh and falling snow
on paths uncut-
you paved the way
for others to follow in the shadow
of your bravery.

At your husband's side
you embarked to the West
surely full of uncertainties
and questions that would not give your heart rest.
Would the savages have ears
for the saving Word?

You made it through
unbelievably impossible to do
thousands of miles of terrain
transversed on horse and foot
but through the Rockies you came
like the mountains of the spiritual task
now before you.

You and your loved one gave
your life, your words, your dreams, your days
poured forth to a red people
who did not yet know
that before them was served the words of Life
instead they took yours.

What of this bravery should I know?

~The life story of Narcissa Whitman                

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