Saturday, February 19, 2011

I am ADDICTED!!!!!!

OK- I admit it...I will not deny it anymore.

I totally admit it.

I am completely, utterly addicted to buying books! It is a truth that I do not think that I will ever change. I love everything about them.... The beautiful pictures or illustrations, the feel of the pages (I LOVE holding and caressing a book! I do not think I will ever be a Kindle customer), even the smell of a new book or an old one.

I go into the bookstore for a Starbucks White Chocolate Latte with whipped cream. After grabbing my Joe, I decide to take the LONG way around to the book counter where my intention is to purchase a gift card for my niece. Strolling along I see their recently added "Irish" display for upcoming St. Patrick's Day. I know that it is recent not just because of the calendar because I was just in this store five days ago?

Of course the first thing that I notice- the same as everyone else- is a book's COVER. And YES; I DO judge a book by its cover...If the cover is visually beautiful or interesting I am magnetized. These books below are covers that grabbed my attention and yelled to me, "Come look at me, pick me up, stroke my pages!"

The first two are of the Irish theme. I try to celebrate St. Patrick's Day (and every holiday for that matter) with an authentic meal- last year's menu included corned beef, cabbage, and as always green mashed potatoes. "Irish Pub Cooking"- what a great book to add some more recipes to my Irish repertoire. The "Leek & Potato Soup" looks scrumptious and it is green. Maybe I will even get brave and try the Irish Soda bread recipe. My sister visited Ireland last year, too, she will enjoy my meal; another reason to buy the book!

And the "Bargain Price" is another attraction.

This next book is so visually darling and tactile! It has one of those smooth hard covers that I just so enjoying holding. Inside contains an Irish fable with a moral to "alter the perspective in our hearts and perhaps render a change in the world". Wow, that little book can do that. Another reason why I just love books. And beyond that and the dreamy photographs of the Irish country side, and the colorful illustrations, and prettily bordered pages, there are little envelopes glued to the pages containing little pieces of paper that I can extract from their mysterious folder, and lift-up flaps of die-cuts. The one I am looking at now is of a pie. When you lift up the crust the recipe for Shepherd's pie is inside. Think adult version, just right for the addicted book type woman version of a toddler's "Lift and Touch" book. I just love it! I realize that my visual and tactile senses are getting completely satisfied! And I am a visual, hands-on learner. Suddenly it is all making sense to me- this infatuation.

The next two books have such beautiful covers; I had to book them up. Historical fiction of the Regency and Victorian era! Well, I am sold. (And of course the "Bargain Price" seals the deal.

Now I said that I most certainly judge a book by its cover. At least initially. However, I have made the mistake of buying books with beautiful covers that even though the story line seemed interesting, I was disappointed. Hopefully this will not be the case.
Now remember my intention of going to the book store? Besides to get my delicious caffeine elixir? I forgot it. So excited with these new treasures. I had to back track to purchase the gift card!
Now where does the guilt come in? (Inevitably it does with any addiction, because the very definition of addiction connotes a negativity with it.) I have a shelf (maybe shelves?) of books who after my first meeting are awaiting patiently to have more connection with me.

Happily though I am engaging in the books pictured below. They are lying beside my night stand. I do not read every one every day- maybe a few pages here and there (except for the last one which I am devouring!). If you notice most of them have to do with shaping perspective. My essence for living a lovely life. This particular clump of books are a family of ideas helping me traverse my way through what I consider to be a mid-life crisis that I am experiencing. (We can talk more about THAT later.)

But each these offers a fresh sense of beauty, fun, or thought that my soul currently needs. So important to my psyche that I will no longer say that I am addicted to books, but a COLLECTOR of books.
or am I still simply in denial?
What are you passionate about? What would you use your children's milk money to purchase?