Friday, January 6, 2012

Listen for the ROAR

     Today is Friday. Already!  I look forward to blogging Fridays.  I link up with The Gypsy Mama who gives a writing prompt.  We can only write for five short, sweet minutes.  I like writing within these parameters because- 1. I know that I will get a post up!  2. I will write stream-lined from my heart.  And as now as the sky is still cloaked in blackness, that means I am still sleepy, so it is sure to be stream-conscious.  3. No editing allowed!!! (Of course, I DO go over my too common misspellings.)
So today, the 6th day of January of this new year in 2012, the prompt is ROAR.

THAT wakes me up a little!


I cannot help but connect "ROAR" to thoughts that I have been having all week of the New Year.  My thoughts have been about pondering, praying, and planning.  But when I put "ROAR" in the same thought of the New Year...I cannot help but feel the whole resounding impact of

A lion roars when he wants to be heard, right?  And being very direct about it.  This New Year has engulfed us six days in, and I am wondering what it will roar to me and what I will roar back. 

The stresses of life roar at me constantly and I sometimes roar back as loud as I can.  Sometimes that helps and sometimes not- my throat just gets soar.  Sometimes instead of roaring I cower.

I do not feel like roaring at the moment.  But there are times when it is necessary isn't it?

The Holy Spirit whispers to us in a gentle quiet voice. If I ignore Him, He beckons me still.  That soft voice a can become a soft, yet clear roar in my soul.  What will HE SPEAK  to me this year?  Words of love, words of encouragement, words of correction and direction.  I will listen and with clear voice roar what I have to share.

Have you roared lately?

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