Thursday, February 10, 2011


What have I been up to since my last post?

taking son to get his wisdom teeth out, starting to exercise to my new Zhumba Wii, making lots of roasts with mashed potatoes and gravy, doing bookkeeping for our businesses, writing out lessons for my children, teaching them some, chauffeuring to dance and piano lessons, finishing the new book by Beverly Lewis, bought Ree Drummond's new cookbook and love story (thought that would be a great read over Valentine's Day), washing dishes, taming the never-ending laundry pile, feeding our Golden, going out to dinner with friends, making tea to stay warm, loving the bright snowy outside, doctor appointments, dentist appointments (oh I hope that I do not need a root canal!), hosting football parties, scrap booking with my daughter, visiting my aunt (who is more of a sister), preparing lessons-again, getting my son's portfolio ready for his graduation, more bookkeeping- constant bookkeeping, date with my husband tonight!

The usual daily stuff, LIFE I have not been writing....think that I will try something new...I will try journaling something, anything to get myself to blog consistently. Only do not hold me to it! Well, your input probably would motivate me!

I think about writing...but life is happening always and I do not always stop to ponder and cement my thoughts into black-and-white. Well, feeble start this is; but I will try.

Appropriate quote from my daily calendar:
"What you will do maters. All you need is to do it." -Judy Grahn