Friday, May 10, 2013

Comfort those . . .

Writing today with the ladies linking at  Lisa-Jo Baker's blog. Her prompt is COMFORT.

What other word conjures up warm feelings of security, safeness, deep down joy and contentment?
A few of us privileged in this world experience true comfort-

But what about  the little boy with a runny nose that has no Mother to gently wipe it for him?
Or the little girl who just scraped her knee when playing jump rope and no one is there to kiss it?
I wonder where and how the orphans experience comfort, if they even know what comfort is?

What of the teen boys who have made a family of themselves, all packed into a 10' by10' room, sleeping without mattresses using each other's bodies for pillows?

Or the woman banished from her people because a stranger violently ravaged her body? She is lost and broken.

I wonder if I will meet some of these that are in so need of comfort. On May 29th, I will be traveling to Monrovia, Liberia. The plan is to visit several orphanages and interview women who have been victims of rape, Human trafficking, or undergone FGM. (If you do not know what that is or want to learn more, read here FGM .)

I ask myself what comfort I could possibly offer them? I only pray that I may lead them to the One Who is Comforter.

I covet your prayers for this trip-safety, wisdom, good connections, open doors, and comfort for the oppressed. Please consider marking your calendar-May 29th through June 11th-to be consciously praying. Thank you.

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