Friday, July 1, 2011

Welcome- with a Smile

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Today's prompt is WELCOME.


The very first thing that comes to mind when I hear "Welcome" is a warm, well- welcome, the words being said by a person having a huge genuine smile who makes eye contact, gives you their attention and everything in their being exudes warmness.

Now this could conjure a picture of Grandma when the family arrives at the door Christmas morning.  But it could also be seen by a stranger in a public situation- take a hostess at a restaurant.

When I am in a social setting I ALWAYS search out the "welcoming" people.  They are the ones with the "Yes!" faces that you know you could have a relationship with (or at the very least a nice conversation) and I naturally gravitate toward them.  There is an elderly couple at church who are so attractive with their warm, welcoming, sincere smiles.  Greeting them (them greeting me) is one of the highlights of my Sunday experience.

Do you carry an expression of "Welcome"?  All it takes is some conscious effort to be aware of others and a BIG smile.  Welcome someone today and see where it takes you and them.  You may just be the highlight to their day.

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