Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sundays (and every day) are for WORSHIP

 This is my new favorite song-  "Our God Is Greater".  You probably know it. 

The other day after purchasing the CD I played it in my car during a "down" moment I was having.  Immediately my heart was lifted.  I pressed "play" a second time after increasing the bass to the Bose sound system to the highest level. I love the sub-woofer effect when it is with my music.  I was singing with wild abandon.  If a fellow driver had been witnessing me (and they might have) they probably thought I was jamming to the "Hot Red Chili Peppers" instead of a worship song.

The whole experience of listening to it fills my soul. 

Today I play it again in my kitchen.  My heart swells and my mind zones to God's greatness.  My eight-year-old catches my fervor and excitedly starts twirling till she is dizzy. I am reminded that God inhabits the praise of His people. (Read Psalm 22:3.)

The word "Praise" in this passage means laudation or more concretely a hymn.  The kind of hymn that shines clear, boasts.  This praise is to be clamorously foolish (as quoted from Strong's concordance), to rave, to stultify, to celebrate.

And while we are praising God what is He doing?

Inhabiting- He sits down in quiet, dwells, and remains amongst us.  He is so intimately close He "marries" us; He remains, He settles down with us.

How awesome is that?  My joy in Him causes Him to stop and dwell intimately with me. 

This outrageous praise reminds me of the adulation that David gave when the ark of the covenant was finally returning to its proper place.  David was so full; he danced unabashedly and wearing only his underwear (sounds clamorously foolish!) before God in the sight of all the people

What did his wife think?   She "despised" him in her heart.  God struck Michal with bareness.  I think perhaps this story is recorded for us to show us that her heart response is diametrically opposed to His when we praise Him.  He loves it; He enjoys it- He is enjoying US enjoying HIM. 

I love that about Him.

So I listen to my new favorite song.  I listen to these words- my mind quickens, my heart swells, my body moves.

Everything in me- body, soul, and spirit rise to give praise to the ONE- the ONLY One- worthy who bears these attributes.

I feel like this-                                                                                                                                                             

and this-

and this-

worries melt, fear dies, stress fades away-

I am filled to overflowing with peace and joy.

My soul sails. My heart flies.  May be I will even be translated to Heaven like Enoch in this moment.

Visit this sound and lift you heart in worship yourself.  Maybe even turn up your sub-woofer.