Friday, September 23, 2011

Growing Pains


Growing sounds like a wonderful, splendid thing.  And it is.

But to grow big, grow up, grow wise, there always exists growing PAINS.

I am experiencing this now through my daughter.  Being always educated at home this is her first year in a school setting.  I thought that the Montessori approach would be a smooth transition for her.  It should be.
But overshadowing her education experience has been her new experience with MEAN girls.  I should have known; known that THEY are everywhere.  But it as been since I was in school that I have seen them around affecting me personally.

My daughter is going through a life growing experience learning how to handle unpleasant situations and people. She cries.  Her belly aches.  I do the same FOR her.  These growing pains are not pleasant and as with any pain I want it to be relieved.

The saving grace is that she is growing and I am too.

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