Friday, September 23, 2011

Growing Pains


Growing sounds like a wonderful, splendid thing.  And it is.

But to grow big, grow up, grow wise, there always exists growing PAINS.

I am experiencing this now through my daughter.  Being always educated at home this is her first year in a school setting.  I thought that the Montessori approach would be a smooth transition for her.  It should be.
But overshadowing her education experience has been her new experience with MEAN girls.  I should have known; known that THEY are everywhere.  But it as been since I was in school that I have seen them around affecting me personally.

My daughter is going through a life growing experience learning how to handle unpleasant situations and people. She cries.  Her belly aches.  I do the same FOR her.  These growing pains are not pleasant and as with any pain I want it to be relieved.

The saving grace is that she is growing and I am too.

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Angela Dively said...

I well remember those mean girls. Just keep reminding her of her beauty and value and worth in Christ. And that those mean girls need love. They're likely mean because they don't feel beautiful, valued or worthy and tearing others down helps them feel strong...although all it does is show they're weak. Help her learn to show Christ's love to them and she'll be stronger still in her identity in Him.


BARBIE said...

Visiting from the 5 Minute Friday today. Oh, this just breaks my heart. I know all too well of this, as my children have always been in school outside the home. I will be praying for your little one's heart, and for you!

Lady Of Virtue said...

Thank you for your encouring is so much easier to deal with growing pains when they are just my own!

Anonymous said...

Oh how heartbreaking for you both. Growing is painful, especially when it involves weeds that press and pull.
Prayers for you both.

Cathy said...

I hope all is getting better with this situation. I know it is soooo hard for a child (and for adults too) to take the advice that Angela gave. But oh, if she can learn this she will shine like a princess. :)