Friday, November 4, 2011


Tapping out words this morning for five minute only with ladies from The Gypsy Mama.  During a breakout session at Relevant, a room full of bloggers got to do this 5-minute writing exercise.  I love what Lisa-Jo told us, "There are no rules in 5-minute Fridays!!"

Today's prompt is REMEMBER.


The prompt is BECOMING.

I sit in this room full of other writers.  I cannot help but notice the sound of tapping fingers onto key pad letters, getting banged with such velocity that my thoughts are hard to organize.  Thankfully, not every woman brought a handy laptop with them, so most of us are scratching out words onto paper with old fashioned graphite.  Before I know it the five minutes are up.  Unusually I actually finish before the timer is sounded.  I think having had this particular prompt before, the same subject matter comes to mind.
Becoming- each day is a challenge and a blessed opportunity to become more like Him- unto that final day when we see Him face to face.

As a handful of others ladies read aloud their words woven so beautifully, I am amazed by the giftings and talent.  All have hearts to become more like Him.

I am thankful to have sisters encouraging me along this journey.

I will remember their words.  And I pray that they REMEMBER to keep weaving their words into stories and exhortations because I need them.


The link to The Gypsy Mama.