Friday, January 13, 2012

AWAKE to Stillness

Today is Friday.  Has it really been a week since I have said those words?
I AWAKE and go right to the writing prompt from the Gypsy Mama.  I write with other lovelies and the commonality that we all share on Friday is that we can only write for five minutes.  Gypsy Mama gives us the prompt.

Today's is AWAKE.

Nothing comes to mind this early morning, blanketed still with blackness.  I must still be sleeping.  My Golden is curled atop a sitting chair.  She knows not to do that.  But with night and darkness I assume she thinks she can get away with it  When I enter the room and sit to stare at my keyboard, she slowly opens her eyes just long enough to took me, then nonchalantly closes her eyes again.  I am not the Alpha dog here.  Small moments pass and I hear a low growl.  Who is she growling at?  I realize that she is dreaming.  The sound is so patterned I wonder if that is a dog snoring instead. (Our house is plagued by those.)  No; the little "wuff" at the end of the growl tells me she is working out some story in her doggy mind.

The beeper goes of  signaling that my coffee is ready. NOW I can wake!

I love this blackness, well more clearly the stillness. Just before a little girl wakes the other sleepers with her loud steppings on the hard wood steps and little songs sung from an extroverted thoughts.

In this stillness it is more easy to "Be still and know that He is God."  Everything is a pure moment right now. All is calm.  I know His love and holiness and might and power.  HE IS.

I hope that I remember to take this with me today when all is awake- and fast, full of interruptions and expectancies, and chitter-chatter, and overlapping thoughts, and worries wanting to take prison my mind.
It remains -"I AM."

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