Monday, April 4, 2011

A Reason to Write


The Quiet.  How delightful!  "What should I do?  How can I use this time?  I do not want to waste it!"

All four of my children gone out of the house.  They are playing, shopping, dancing, outside of these four walls called home.  Mama left alone.  Delightful.

..."hmmm....what should I do?  Isn't this what I always dream of- some QUIET, UNINTERRUPTED TIME?" 

"read a magazine....yes, nonchalantly, as though I have not a care in the world, I should grab a cup of tea and skim the pages of a magazine that I never have time to read.  But I should post on my blog.  Don't I always desire more time to write?"

Yet what should I write about?  ordinary events have been happening.  Rain pitter-patters on the earth.  My Golden Retriever gazes at me with a bored look in her eyes.  Usual stresses of Life to deal with.  Laundry piles.  Arguing siblings.  Light bulbs that need changed.  Those things that you are probably experiencing right now.

Why do I even have a BLOG?  There are so many women out there in the gargantuan cyber community that have better things to say and more attractive ways to say it?

Oh, no.  Not this conversation with myself again.

Then I see my penned handwriting on already aged paper. The date read October 10, 2006.

"For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance shall arise... from elsewhere, but you and your father's house will perish.  And who knows but that you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this and this very occasion?"
~Esther 4:14, Amp.

Those words the Strong yet ever so Patient and Gentle Voice gave to me after much prayer and contemplation about the birth of the Ladies Of Virtue ministry site years ago.  I do not think that I have read them since and here they are tucked into a binder.

The words on this yellowing page continue.

"I had just prayed that the Lord would bring women needing encouragement to this media outlet...that He would give me wisdom, a keen style of writing and eloquence in my speech.  Most of all a deep love for Him, His Word, and those that He would cross my path with."

Today, I suppose that He knew that I needed that reassurance again.

That One voice CAN make a difference.

to YOU.

to ME.

my words, though they be feeble attempts to capture His workings of my soul, can speak healing to YOUR soul.

So I place my fingers to this keyboard and write.

For if I write for only ONE then I do His will.

If I write for only one-  then I prayerfully concede that you are blessed.
You are encouraged.
You are strengthened in this journey sometimes dark.

Are you that one?  for which I write?

For I am here.  You are here.  And He IS.

"Two are better than one and a three fold cord will not be quickly broken."  ~Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Do you know that you have something to speak about?
That you have been ordained for this very moment to share?
That YOU have been brought to the kingdom for this very thing?

Is it the words to your co-worker?
a sister?
a neighbor?

Speak His words.
Write His words.
Share His words.

The string of letters that you string together may be just the wisdom of jewels that will enrich the feeble soul.  Or the chain of pearls that beautify the worn and weary heart.

I will string together my letters.  Will you too?
for I may be that ONE that needs them.

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