Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January's Theme- RENEWal

Each month I would like to write a post about my focus for that month.  A theme to go with the Manager of the Home" planners if you will.  I know that it is already into mid-January- how did that happen?  But I am still adjusting to the groove of a new year so you may be too!

When I sit with my monthly planner sheets before me, all blank waiting to be filled, I overview the entire month first.  More often than not, there is a holiday which beckons celebration.  The season of the year also offers its own frivolities and appeals.  Also, the time of year may require certain attention in that month.  Some examples would be Christmas in December is a holiday that directs the activities of most of the month.  The summer is fun for picnics and January's snow brings sled-riding parties (oh, but we do not have any snow- yet.)  When I look over the month awaiting to happen and consider all of these things, I get a feel for the month.  All of this gives me a theme.  No, I do not set this in stone and live by it perpetually.  But I have found that taking this time to ponder about the upcoming month, gives me a perspective that enables me to live with purpose, pursuing my priorities with passion.  (You will see this last idea a recurring one as it blends with a series I will be writing about who and what Ladies Of Virtue is.)
So with that introduction, I would like to share that January for me is about RENEWal.  I used to follow the masses and view this month after Christmas with disdain.  Yes, the days are shorter, colder -bleak even- routine.  However, I now actually look forward to these days of January.  Why?  Because the cold gives me reason to get cozy with a hot mug of hot chocolate.  The shortness of the days prompts me to crawl into my cozy bed with a good book.  The routine and lack of celebration gives me time to rest and enjoy the simple things some of which I just mentioned. 

We need calmness to balance out the chaos.  We need quiet to counter the noise.  January's schedule (compared with the rest of the year) offers that calmness and quiet, the is the perfect time for putting all of those "p" words into practice.  A whole year awaits us of things that have never been, ventures never explored.  In the calmness of January I can think.  It is a month of renewal. I can gain my bearings again.  Being the beginning of the new year, I can pause, ponder, pray, gain perspective, prioritize, and plan for the year ahead.  All of which allows my life to be lived with purpose and passion.  It is a month of new beginnings.

Do you need renewal this month?

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