Friday, May 3, 2013

Being Brave

It's Friday and I am linking up with the Ladies from Lisa-Jo Baker's blog. We like to write. And I like that I write just five minutes-stream of conscious-and I have a blog post. Otherwise . . .

Please forgive me for touting myself today, besides the glorious, long-awaited sun shining on the lilac blossoms ready-to-burst and the cool breeze floating through the window as I write stirring up all natural jubilation, I have something  else on my mind and it is sure to show itself as I write.

When the path is before you, but the way darkened, and the only step before you is the one illuminated- You must be BRAVE.

The act of bravery is a relationship: one of believing and one of acting upon.

Twenty months ago, I entered the college classroom. I was not "going back" to school, rather "going" to school. For twenty years I have been raising my wee ones, placing them on the path to adulthood, now I was about to step onto a diverging path. I was not sure if I could  make it through one semester. But with faith, grace, and a lot of  encouragement from family-and patience because of eating too many take-out meals, I am able to finish and earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, History, and Women's Studies. The theme of my LAS degree is "The Influence of Women Upon Culture." Fast and furious-sometimes my motto.

Graduation is tomorrow. Can you read my big smile?

Another path is before me-In four weeks I am traveling to Liberia, Africa. My actual goal is hazy; I just know that I want to spend time working in orphanages and will have the opportunity to interview women who have been victims of rape, H.T., and FGM. Honestly, though I have traveled internationally, I have never been to a country still feeling the destruction of a civil war that ended just ten years ago. And if one googles "Liberia," enough stories will appear to wreak havoc on your dream matter. But I feel compelled to go.
I believe it is part of  His plan and I am taking the step forward.
I am being brave.

All by grace,
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Denise said...

Bless you dear.

Jacqui said...

Congratulations on your graduation, Nicol! And what an exciting and courageous adventure you're embarking on. I have prayed for you just, courage, and transformation. May the Lord give you His heart over in Africa. Glad to meet you and be your linky neighbor at Five Minute Friday. -Jacqui

Lady Of Virtue said...

Thank you Jacqui and so much more for your prayers.

Cathy said...

Congratulations graduate! I will be praying for you as you go to Africa. That is such an exciting missions opportunity. :)

Crystal Twaddell said...

Congratulations!!! And many blessings on your adventure of bravery!

Crystal said...

Congratulations and many blessings on this brave adventure!