Friday, July 12, 2013


It is Friday today! This post is linked with LisaJo Baker's blog where we write for five minutes on her given writing prompt.

Today's is PRESENT.


When I read the prompt for today, I was not sure which meaning LisaJo had in mind for the homonym PRESENT. Did she mean the "here and now; this moment of reality" or "a wrapped up gift"? From reading her post, I soon realized that she meant the present of the "here and now."

But (in perhaps waxing too poetic) I am still considering them both. Our present is a present, isn't it? For yesterday is gone, a mirage of memories. Tomorrow is not yet, a figment of our imaginations.

But we have TODAY. Right now. To wallow in. Jump in. Celebrate. Sleep away (which is sometimes delightful too). Fill with worry. Or anger. Or bitterness. Or joy, contentment, and peace.

TODAY is a present for ours to open and unwrap and use in the manner we desire. I am sure all of us would agree that we want to spend our time wisely, making the most of every PRESENT moment, so that each minute would shine as a diamond. But it is the very minute stitches that create form in a quilt, giving it shape and design. To look at one stitch in isolation of the many others is to see only thread going through material. But viewed in unity with all of the others reveals a beautiful work of art, a blanket of practicality and beauty at the same time.

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So today when you wipe that little nose, shred the carrots, clean the smears off of the mirror, drive kids in a chauffeured relay race-Remember you are stitching  the tiny stitches of the PRESENT.

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Denise said...

Really awesome post.

Amy Tilson said...

Love the play on words that you used, but more importantly the reminder and thought behind them. Have a blessed day from your fmf neighbor.

dayebydaye said...

I love this idea of stitching together our present. Beautiful!