Friday, November 22, 2013

Freefall to Fly

It has been awhile since I have written without thinking if I have a "good" thesis or if the citation correct or trying to lucidly write more jabbering thoughts into coherence. So I take a five-minute break today and join with other writers at Lisa-Jo Baker's Blog. She gives the prompt; we feed the words.

Today: FLY

Safe. Secure. Planted tightly and neatly between cotton sheets and brick walls.

The baby bird falls from the nest and suddenly I am free-falling hoping break his fall.
But, I cannot break his fall. What he needs is to learn to fly on his own.

So flying behind him, trying to catch up, I fly scattered in a sky I have never been before.
One that I do not want to know.

But I follow close, strenuously strangling behind.
Then I sense stronger wings than mine beckoning me to hide under their shadow.

They lift me high and I fly straight and safe.
I am beside my fledgling and beckon him into the shadow with me.

It's his choice.

In free-falling we learn to fly.

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Stephanie Pedde said...

That blind flying into a world we've never known, nor wanted to know, can be so scary, especially when we're flying there because one of our own is there. What a beautiful reminder that we're not flying alone, Someone else has already been there!

Lady Of Virtue said...

Thanks Stephanie-we would fly for them if we could, wouldn't we? They would never experience broken wings that way...but that's only how we grow. Thankfully there is One who is with us. Thanks for visiting LOV today.