Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Women Rising

Was August  the last time that I have written?! My school has started (Grad.studies in English Lit.) and yes, I have been busy. Right now I should be writing a literary critique on Uncle Tom's Cabin (which I am looking forward to). I had always wanted to read this iconic novel and I did! wonderful to understand why Abraham Lincoln is to have thought to state, "[the writing from] the little lady that started the Civil War."

My intention is to blog, but time eludes me. I STILL wonder at how bloggers consistently write AND live the life they are writing about! Even the Five-Minute Fridays have blinked by and now the autumn leaves are falling from the trees....yes, I WILL get the LOV header changed--as soon as my good friend helps me to do it!

Today, however, my excitement beckons me to the screen to share with you what I think is part of a grand moving of God upon women. The IF:Gathering hosted by Jennie Allen.
Unable to attend the conference in Austin, TX, I am thrilled to be able to host the event locally (within the comfortable confines of a cozy living room with friends, hot coffee, sweet treats, and lots of Buffalo-Chicken dip).

God is doing something globally-He is doing a stirring IN women FOR women. Do you feel it? Get ready; it's contagious.

Soon I will expound upon the plans that He has given me to start an organization to help women and girls who have been sexually exploited in such countries as Liberia, Tanzania, Costa Rica, and where ever else He may lead. Whether you are on the board on such an organization or whisperings prayers for such ministry in your closet- YOU ARE NEEDED.

Please join us.


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