Friday, February 7, 2014

Write Anyway

What a beautiful day, today. The sky is cotton blue, the sun shining, and snow crystals frozen on the trees. It's February-the month of LOVE.

Today is also Friday which means I am linking with other writers at Lisa-Jo Baker's place. We tap out thoughts onto our computers for five minutes ONLY. No editing. I noticed that some are using the prompt "Write." I think I am going to use Lisa Jo's full title: How to write and live brave (when you’re terrified).


Why do we as writers let fear paralyze the exegesis of our words? As writers thoughts, feelings, opinions, and insights topple in our minds like Chinese acrobats. Why do we let the guard dogs keep us from doing somersaults? Who made them the guard dogs anyway? And maybe they are actually Golden Retrievers.
For there is nothing new under the sun. Surely what I think, one of you has as well. The questions of insecurity. The web of dark gossamer strings that I try to conceal. The Oprah-light-bulb-life-changing thought that I think I am the first to grasp . . . you have those too.

So if we are not so different, and every one of us is on this journey of life-why don't we join hands and listen to each other's words.

We will find that we are not so very alone.


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Liv said...

Yes! Great encouragement!

Liv said...

Yes! Great encouragement! Visiting from FMF :)