Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Who Is the Filler of Your Soul?

Who is the filler of your soul? (This is a rewrite of a previous post.)

It has been many years since I have learned the life-changing truth that my husband cannot meet all of my needs...The need for happiness, security, purpose, value, peace, and contentment. I have learned and continue to experience, "My God shall supply all (my) needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4:19) Not only food and clothing but the needs of my SOUL....answers for my existence, a purpose to live for, a passion to dive into, joy, and all of the other secret desires of my heart.

He is the perfect Lover of my soul.

Relieving my husband of this role changed my marriage. I began to ENJOY my husband not focusing on his short comings in meeting my needs. I had set him up to fulfill a task that was impossible for him to actualize.  He is human full of shortcomings so why was I expecting my happiness to be met in a man?  I had fallen for the Prince Charming promise.  Or rather I misplaced my expectations on the wrong prince.  I have two Princes but only One is the complete Lover of my Soul.

When reading The Love Dare I became aware of the desires that I had for my husband to fulfill. I want more- more depth of love in our relationship, more intimacy, more camaraderie. Are these desires wrong or misplaced? In speaking of marriage, I do not think so. I did not endeavor to take the "Dare" because my marriage was bad or falling apart. Rather, I wanted more! to have the ultimate marriage experience on this earth and I would do my utmost to make that happen! I felt a push to strive to have an exceptional marriage as a testimony of God's handiwork and for my pleasure and satisfaction!

But what about just having a "good marriage" to a "good man"? What is wrong with that? Is that not enough? My husband is thoughtful, loving, a great provider, friend, and a wonderful father.

I sense the Holy Spirit leading me to gain a new perspective. To not put expectations on my husband to be responsible for my happiness, purpose, and contentment.  A heart that confidently knows that all of my needs are met through Christ Jesus.  A woman who enjoys her marriage completely at this moment and accepts her husband right now with all of his flaws and shortcomings.

Who are you looking to right now to fulfill the longings of your heart?

Are you allowing Jesus to romance you?
"My beloved speaks and says to me,
'Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.'"
-Song of Solomon 2:10 Ampl.

He wants you to come away with Him.  Will you meet Him today?


Far Above Rubies said...

You are so right. We must look to Christ to fulfill everything. Thank you for sharing this. It's great.

Craig said...

My first thought was this – that it’s such a nasty trick that the idea of “romantic” love we have plays. We look brokenheartedly for “the one”. And if we find them – we expect them to “complete” us. That’s not love. I heart this – it says it so perfectly Nicol, “He is the perfect Lover of my soul.” I don’t really do the romancing thing with Our Lord – but he is my very closest friend. God Bless and keep you and all of yours. I really hearted this post Nicol. Thank you.

Barbara said...

Hello, thanks for visiting and commenting. Good post. Imagine most can say we have been down this road.