Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What Does Jesus Mean to You right now?

This Easter season I ask myself, "What does Jesus mean to me right now in my life?"  The first thoughts that come to mind are that I am forgiven from my sins.  But that answer came remotely as though I was answering a Sunday school question (if I went to Sunday school) or a foundational lesson that I want to teach my girls.

Not belittling that most awesome fact- that my sins are taken away- nor to make light of what it took for that to happen- nor to be unthankful to our Father's most gracious HEART- nor to say that THAT answer so foundational and simple should be a more elaborate one so that I may sound more "spiritual".  (For that is the beauty of the gospel is it not?  So simple and  full of LOVE.)  But I was posing this inquiry to myself searching for an honest response answering the questions, "What have you been thinking about concerning your life in Christ?  What does Jesus mean to me right now in my life?"

And after pondering a few quiet moments I think my answer to myself is that He gives my life PURPOSE.

In my humanness I cannot keep present in my mind ALL of the vast benefits of His salvation and the depth of their meaings simultaneously in my conscious.  Maybe you are more (or less) human than I... Right now in this period of my life when I wonder, "What difference is MY life in the scheme of all existence?"  I concur with the Spirit that my life has meaning only when it is hidden in HIS.  And so thankfully it is.

He has redeemed my life.  And it is I that no longer live but Him through me.  That does sound heady.  But when I put to death my desire for self preservation, I find my purpose in HIM. My life has been redeemed; I have a purpose TO my life because of Him and FOR Him.  And this is the way that makes me feel this Easter as I ponder about His death and Resurrection.

a desire to worship-

What does Jesus mean to you this Easter season?  Please share with me.


Project Life Blog Queen said...

Thank-you Nicol, Jesus means purpose to me as well. I've forgotten that, but without him I was wandering through life, with Him I have a focus and a passion that does not every leave me. - Cathy

Jan said...

I think that for me right now, He represents HOPE. Hope that I am not battling all of these fronts in my life alone. That I am loved. That I will be okay, no matter what.

Wender said...

At this time in my life, He means Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Desire. And He gives me a peace like I've never known ...

elizabeth said...

Hi Nicol! You are my newest blog follower and follower number 200! You should get a prize or something. I hope my welcome will suffice! I look forward to getting to know you better.

Craig said...

Nicole, I'm not really sure I could say it any better than this - - and Hey - is that my Deep into Love button over there (((smile)))- sorry - distracted - I'm easily distracted - where was I - oh - couldn't say it any better than this, "my life has meaning only when it is hidden in HIS." I forget sometimes that I am a creation - I have a creator - I exist only because he does and he made me.

See - I like your way better.
Boy did I heart this!!

God bless and keep you and all of yours.