Friday, March 7, 2014


Hello Ladies-girls, men, and any literate bunnies....(thinking of Spring, I guess.)
Does every one of you have the hope that Spring will come? I love the snow fall but am wanting the pinks blossoms and green buds to appear soon.

I am joining with the writers at Lisa-Jo Baker's blog today. From her creative basket she grabs a word and we all write with that word in mind-for five minutes, only. Lots of fun. Words tumble out like cookie crumbs from a babbling toddlers mouth.

Today's prompt: WILLING.

What holds me back? Fear? of failure? of looking silly? of not dong something perfect?

But I do not let the garbled nerves tangle my determination-

       I will do what I am called to do.

                                   Rally the world to acknowledge the need and stir heart to
                                        help empower those girls and women at risk for sexual exploitation
                                              and gender-based violence. 
What have I (really) got to lose?

                                                          my pride. (It's not about me.)
                                                                     looking silly.
                                                                                    Who doesn't today?
                                                                not being perfect.
                                                                                 It's process, not perfection.

                                  He has promises to make ALL things work toward my good.
                                       And if I do step out of the beat or off of the path,
                                      His Loving-kindness and Mercy faithfully follow me
                                               and guide my hand onto the lighted way.

I am willing.

Are you?
What are you willing for?


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Jean said...

I loved your take on "willing." Since this is the first time I've ever participated in Five Minute Friday, I could really relate to those words.

Shannon Payne said...

Nicol- thank you for sharing your heart words today at FMF! I always love to see how others use the word prompts tell the story of their lives and what's hiding deep inside.