Friday, March 21, 2014


Stopping myself just long enough to write for five minutes....takes discipline!
Joining today with other authors who peg a t the keyboard for five minute-only. Then STOP.
Stream-of-consciousness writing with no editing-the best kind.

LisaJo's prompt for today is JOY.

How appropriate a theme.
I just received a "Yes!" answer to a request delivered with my heart-on-its-knees.

I am flying high and I just let out a YELL!!!! for the excitement. (My family thought I had just seen a mouse.)

Sometimes we hear "no" as answer to a prayer and sometimes just a silence. And we have to trust as a weaned child content of her Mother's lap.
But- sometimes  we hear, "Yes! You go girl! Take it and roll 'cause I AM the wind beneath your wings!"
And that's an "ah-hah!" moment.

But, you know, it's not that the "yes" that brings JOY; it's knowing that you are moving with the winds of the Spirit, and, you love doing it. That's JOY.

What brings you joy today?

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Crystal Cyr said...

So true, gotta love those "yes" moments! Even greater though is knowing you are being obedient whatever the answer...His grace is there either way. :) Thanks for this uplifting post! ~ FMF Sister

Anonymous said...

The LORD said "yes" to a pretty important prayer of mine :)