Friday, August 23, 2013


I really enjoy these Five-Minute Friday writing sessions. Knowing that I can produce some thoughts onto the screen and only expend a  few moments in a packed schedule, leaves me feeling satisfied. Ideas for blogging come to me like the consistent waves of the ocean upon the sand. But a damn stops the ideas midway; the damn of "life." I am too busy LIVING to stop and W-R-I-T-E. Not a very good existence for one who wants to write. 

But, one must live the experiences in order to write, right?

Every author that I have read about writing, exhorts of the mandatory need of disciplined writing-even, when there seems to be no time. Well, unless my blog posts have the subject structure that I want to present them in, I do not post them. I fear they be just incoherent ramblings (kind-of like I am doing now ; )

So enough rambling and let's write! for five minutes. LisaJo Baker's prompt today is LAST.


The afternoon sky is hazier than last month. Grass is drying into a wheat-tan color. The newspaper is full of colorful flyers advertising back-to-school sales.

The last days of summer are here.

Two boys now grown preparing for the first days of college. Mama preparing her heart (and celebrating inwardly!)

Mom freezing corn for home-made chicken corn soup that will fill the nostrils with aroma mid-winter.
Canning tomatoes for fresh spaghetti sauce.
Washing curtains that are neglectfully covered with puffy, gray dust.

School-clothes shopping even though the girls are HOME-schooled.

One daughter changing dance academies. Another gaining a new tutor.

Mom also starting graduate studies, making preparations to register a non-profit organization.

So much change.

The last days of fervent ice cream licks, the tongue trying to beat the melting-heat, will soon be over.

Reluctant hearts relinquish the inevitable last days...but looking expectantly ahead, knowing that Last Days mean there are First Ones ahead.
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Debra Ann Elliott said...


I new to 5 minute Friday and stopping by. Thank you for sharing your five minutes. I could feel what you're going through. My children are grown and my grandson is almost grown. It's sad when they leave home, but they must.

Anita Ojeda said...

Ah, I love those last days of summer and my empty-nest heart beats as one with yours as you prepare to say goodbye to your boys for the school year! One of my baby birdies got married this summer, and the other one is going to school in Argentina this year! So many changes, but so many new beginnings, to be sure! I'm glad I found you on Five-Minute Friday!

Kim Hyland said...

Oh, I like this. It evokes the beauty of these last summer days and points to the joy of what's to come. I just LOVE this line: "knowing that Last Days mean there are First Ones ahead."

Lady Of Virtue said...

Hi-thank you- I am still tweaking out the last days of summer one drop at a time.