Friday, May 24, 2013

Our View

 It's Friday-Yay! And it is time to write with the ladies from Lisa Jo Baker's blog. I was hoping that today's prompt could/would help me stream line some thoughts floating in my mind about meeting the people in Liberia. I think this prompt should help: VIEW.


Female Genital Mutilation. We Westerners deem the act "Mutilation."  The practitioners of it call it "female circumcision" or "female genital cutting." One only has to be aware of the actual procedure to be convinced that it is mutilation. (There are four common procedures, and though a cut of the hood of the clitoris is one of them-closer to an actual circumcision-this form is the one most rarely performed.)

My view is that is that it is an unnecessary heinous act. But, as in all subjects, there are other points of view. I have studied why some women consider this procedure paramount to being a true, notable woman. I have spoken (in America) to victims whose family members had irreperable consequences becasue of it (death in one family). 

I have also learned that  my ways are not their cultural ways. When FGM is mentioned, they speak of colonialism-what we Americans learn about from yellowing pages in History class, then let the subject lie between the pages. They speak of imperialism and capitalism and consumerism as affecting their cultures. At first, I am stunned and confused about the relation of these all-encompassing subjects that I have only known the affluent benefits from. I didn't know their was another view, and therein lies my arrogant American view.

So when I arrive in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa, Wednesday evening, I purpose to wear a view of humility that will listen and learn. I want to learn others' views that I may learn more of them. I will not push my view on them.

Is there some subject or situation that you are convinced that you are convinced is the correct view? Have you considered there may be another one?

To learn more of the history of Liberia refer to LOV's "Make a Difference" page.

To learn more about FGM visit the WHO page here.

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Lauren (OBS Small Group Leader) said...

Visiting from Five minute Fridays. Blessings to you! Enjoyed your blog!

Dionne said...

Not sure how to take your post, but I guess I would say the one you mentioned is one I have always considered cruel. For me, if it isn't Biblical...I shouldn't judge, but I will keep my view point that it is wrong. Got me thinking this morning.

Denise said...

Thank you for sharing.

Lady Of Virtue said...

When the subjects of colonialism, imperialism, etc. was brought up, I did not know how to take it either.I still believe that the practice is wrong, harmful, and unnecessary-but I am more slow to judge-more apt to consider THEIR reasonings behind it. Thanks for sharing and visiting.

Lauren Hatch said...

I think it's important to first understand and learn about the cultural reasons and influences behind anything that strikes us as shocking, especially something as tragic as FGM, in order to more effectively work towards ending it, helping the women who have been experienced FGM and are seeking help, listening to them share their experiences, etc.

Lauren Hatch said...

I'm not sure why, but I think we've come to confuse "understanding" with "accepting." I think it's important to first understand the cultural influences of anything that strikes us as shocking or just different. It doesn't mean accepting it, but more so, you can't change something without accurately understanding its complexity first. But in terms of this trip you can't end FGM, you aren't there to say whether it's right or wrong (although I think we all agree it is wrong), you're there to listen to the stories of the women who experienced it.

Lady Of Virtue said...

Exactly. Well said Lauren.