Friday, February 15, 2013


Spilling out tumbling onto the keyboard for five brief minutes-just because we like to. Writing with the ladies at The Gypy Mama today. The prompt is Beloved.
Is there a word that conjures up more warm feelings than "beloved." It is an old-fashioned word. We usually do not look at our husband with dove eyes, sigh, and say, "You are my beloved." (Maybe we should?) 

The lover in Song of Solomon did. "He is my beloved and I am his." She lets her love, commitment, excitement spill out in song. (No, I especially cannot see myself--ever--singing of  my love to my husband.)
But we do have a Lover that songs over us. His joy in loving us fills, spills, and overflows into song over us. We are His Beloved.

Do you know that dear one? When life brings torment and friends are unfriendly, there is One who wants to scoop you up us in His arms, place kisses all over your face, and call you, "My Beloved."
But to receive what He has you must be-loved. Not lovable. He loves us in spite of all our quirks and faults. WE must receive His love. Believe. Accept.  Be loved, Beloved.


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Mary said...

Hi! I'm here from FMF. This is beautiful. And so true. Thank you for sharing. :) Have a great weekend. X

Shanae Branham said...

Thank you for reminding me that I am "beloved" no matter what. I am glad I stopped by today.

Vicki M. Taylor said...

Awesome post. We are His beloved. We are be loved by Him. In return we surrender our all to Him. Followed you from Five Minute Friday. Have a great day!

Lady Of Virtue said...

Hi Ladies, thank you for your kind comments. Remaining in His Love today. nicol