Thursday, November 3, 2011


HI Ladies,

I wanted to write everything that I was experiencing at Relevant as I was experiencing it, but the time was too full.  Then I went home (don't you wish that you could stay on the mountain top a lot longer sometimes?), throwing me in the midst of Life.  Figure that.  And now it is four days and a page-turn on the calendar later!  So I am grabbing a few moments this morning before I take my daughter to co-op to share some thoughts with you.

First, PLEASE- please -please- do not let any one's talk about Relevant or anything else make you feel "out of the circle".  I know that some times when I hear about something great going on and I am missing it , then I can feel very isolated and lonely- or just not part of "it".  But I have to tell you that that feeling of isolation is not uncommon among all women, and I believe that the Holy Spirit is doing a work in Christ's body of uniting women's hearts in the bond of Christ and sisterly love.  THAT is one of the main themes that I had been pondering before Relevant and a recurring theme at Relevant.

The enemy wants us to feel all alone, but God's Holy Spirit is bringing to the forefront of our awareness that He wants His daughters to have an intimate bond of sisterhood.  Imagine relationships without competition, without malice, without self-seeking.  Aaaah- doesn't that sound refreshing?  Imagine joining hearts and hands with your sisters, sharing each other's joys, sorrows, and burdens.  That is what I see the Holy Spirit doing among us.

I am thrilled because that is what I wanted for LOV (Ladies Of Virtue) from the beginning- to create a community of women who are sisters in Christ, joining together on this journey of biblical womanhood, a distinct path with all the delights of living a godly life that is uniquely feminine.  Will you join in spirit?

This is a picture of my dear friend Angela Dively and I.  We were roomies.  She writes at when a fire is under her bottom.


Amy {One Day Closer} said...

It was so great to meet you at Relevant! I love your post, and your encouraging heart. I look forward to reading more!

By His Grace,


Lady Of Virtue said...

Thank you Amy, it was a pleasure to meet you!