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Are you a house-wife?  Apparently, this can mean many different things to many different people.  Also, the compound word -housewife- can conger up just as many different visages.  What comes to your mind?


I usually do not get upset by what secular people say or write.  I expect them to have a secular view point, what else can they?  But I admit this article got me under the skin.  Perhaps because it is about a subject that crosses from our spiritual lives into the mundane and vice-versa.  And I am so passionate about this subject of HOUSEWIVES!

I was going to begin my long awaited study of Ladies Of Virtue (awaited by me, who has been procrastinating in writing it) but this article takes precedence.  If you would like, you can click to read it now (just remember to come back) or wait until after you finish this post. http://jobs.aol.com/articles/2011/11/14/the-evolution-of-the-housewife/?icid=maing-grid7%7Cmain5%7Cdl25%7Csec1_lnk3%7C112411

real housewives
Volumes could very realistically be written discoursing the various aspects of the house wife.  I will try to be succinct.  You, Christian woman -who live in your house with your husband and perhaps children- are you content in your role?  Or would you agree with the secular media that you need liberated from the demeaning title of housewife?

Whatever the other work that we may do outside of the home, ministries in which we serve, or ventures that we partake of, scripture is clear that the home is the domain for the family with the wife being the overseer of its affairs.  (See Titus 2 and Proverbs 31.)

                                                       Home allows us women to flourish-
We are managers
-law makers
 to name some of our tasks and opportunities.

As for "wasting" my talents while being at home -I garden, paint, love decorating, and hand crafts (that I use to beautify my home); I have teaching opportunities through bible studies, book clubs, and homeschool co-ops; I do graphic art for the situations named above, plus for my own managing tools.  I love to plan a meal, prepare it, and show hospitality to those who enjoy those efforts. I write on this blog (from my home) reaching women all over the world.  My home is my realm where I can grow and flourish, not to mention providing that same disposable to others.

What are your talents and skills that you are using from home?

Dear Christian sister let us REVEL in our vocation of being a house wife.  It is God's wisdom to confound the wise.  Let us be HAPPY in our homes, not discontent and grumbling like the daughters of the world.  Let us not be ashamed to be called "housewife" for to the discerning that word is a definition with infinite possibilities.

Visit tomorrow to read about one of the most important opportunities that we have as house wives.
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Jenifer said...

I have not read the article yet. But I am a housewife. I love it. I feel called to do it. I feel it is my MINISTRY. So many people think down on the house wife or feel pity for her. But I praise her. She is taking care of her family and home. What a great job! She works hard. She is training her children. I think women who stay home should be proud of what they do. Do it for the glory of God!!

I am very much not a liberated woman. I always joke that God put me in the wrong era. {smiles} I believe if at all possible the woman should stay home and take care of the family and home. Sometimes, most times, that means sacrifices. One income is not as much as two so we have to be more frugal with what we do. But the sacrifice is worth it.

Lady Of Virtue said...

Amen Jenifer! I should have explained "liberatered"...Those in the media have said that we as housewives need liberated from housework to do "valued" work. I am already liberated by the Holy Spirit taking care of my home! Of which I am sure you would concur too.

Anonymous said...

I'm the woman on the other side of the fence. The one who didn't consider being a housewife that important - or at the very least as something compatible with a full-time job. I saw women sitting around waiting for Mr. Right and not ministering to anyone and I had no desire to be that woman.

Now I would give ANYTHING to be liberated from the workforce. I've been studying for the past few months on biblical womanhood, and feel so trapped where I am. I have a wonderful job, wonderful coworkers - I work in ministry and believe firmly in what I'm doing. I have absolutely no doubt that I am exactly where God wants me. When I last discussed it with my husband, he said "I think your job is God's provision for us now. Its the way He's called you to help me at this point in my life."

Without my job we would be living below the poverty line, uninsured and expecting our first child.

I read your lovely blog, and others like it, and pray God has the title Housewife in my future. I'm far more trapped than women in the 1950s able to focus on caring for home and family, instead of carrying the weight of a career as well as my home and family.

With regards to the article, it is fascinating to me that people attribute laziness and selfishness to housewives of all makes and models. Yes the "Real Housewives" phenomenon is appalling, and a gross misrepresentation of the life God calls most women to live. But not a single honest housewife I know could possibly be called lazy or selfish, any more than any other sinful being on this planet. Yes, her day is more relaxed than mine, because she doesn't spend 8 hours a day away from home and then try to get the bathroom cleaned, dinner on the table and clothes washed. But these women are thrifty, hardworking, dedicated and living life to the fullest. Lord haste the day!

Lady Of Virtue said...

Thank you for your honest and thoughtful response. I believe that you speak for many women. Yes, Lord haste the day- especially with a wee coming soon!

Crystal Mendez said...

Love this post thanks