Friday, October 14, 2011


Letting words topple from my head to hands for just five minutes....
Today's prompt with The Gypsy Mama is CATCH-

I sit here with my fingers placed on the keys ready to type- fast.  Ususally in these 5-minute prompt writings my  thoughts are flowing so free that they threaten to topple nonsensical onto the screen as I anxiously race that five minute clock.

Today I just....hmm?  "What is the first thing that comes to mind when I hear 'catch'?"  Well, there was that baseball I wish that I had caught before my little blonde haired boy tossed it through our living room window.

There are the colds of the season that I do NOT want to catch....and the flus.

What do I want to catch this morning?
Fire- I want to catch that fire when I see His other disciples blazing hot with zeal for His kingdom.

I want to catch that love I see in others with light in their eyes as they speak of His workings in their life.

I want to catch dreams that make me aspire towards the clouds.

I want to catch every good thing that the Father has for me.  The list is too long to fill in a blog post but I will name these: GRACE and JOY and PEACE and CONTENTMENT and A LIFE WITH OUT "SHOULD DO'S and SHOULD HAVE DONE'S" and SECURITY and PURPOSE.... and my time has run out. 

THOSE things I want to catch and never let go of.


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Amy said...

Such a good reminder! And yes, I'd like to always be catching that love and fire and zeal.

Dolly @ Soulstops said...

Found you via 5MFridays.

It is lovely what you want to catch...joining you in catching love and joy from our loving Father as well as learning to live without the "shoulds"...

Rebecca Knox said...

Beautiful! I love your thoughts today! They're "catch"-ing! Have a beautiful and blessed weekend! :)

Project Life Blog Queen said...