Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Homemaking Tips, Part 5- "Organizing- Freezing for the Future"

"She laughs at the time to come..."
The Homemaking Tip for this week is to "freeze for the future".

I love this tip because it has given me the gift of time
 by cutting the time needed for regular dinner preparation.


Do you freeze or can?  If not here is a good tip to get you started without being too overwhelming.  When you are at your local produce market notice what they have on sale.  This time of year there is an abundance of garden vegetables and fruits.  Yesterday I purchased an assortment of brightly colored green and red peppers.  I will wash and dry them, then both dice and cut into strips.  They will go into a ziploc bag that is labeled (remember to do that as their appearance can be disguised after freezing).   Voile!  You have frozen-fresh tasting peppers for a future meal.   I have the conveneience when I cook chili, a Mexican dinner,  hot sausage sandwiches, meatloaf, or anything I want to siply take them out of the freezer. Vegetables with the nutrients sealed in and a fraction of the cost.  If you are feel bold (and you have enough freezer space) try freezing a year's worth.  The grocer may give you another discount if you purchase a box or more.

Another super tip that my Mother raves about is freezing tomatoes whole.  So much sipler than even canning them!  Wash and dry your tomatoes, cut out its "belly button" (you know, that spot where it is connected to the stem.  Does that have a name?  It's not a core?....) and place the WHOLE tomatoe into a freezer bag.  When you want to use them just rinse the tomatoes in warm running water and the skin will easily peel away!  It will be ready for any soup or stewed tomatoes recipe.

Today I am heading to my local store to purchase enough apples to make several dishes of Apple Crisp. Yum!  I prefer Macintosh; I like the added tartness and their soft consistency when baked.  I will wash, peel, core, and slice the apples then place enough in a gallon size freezer bag to save for another day.  Of course making a dish for tonight's dinner as well. *Another note- the "Crisp" part of the recipe can be made in large quantities and saved as  well.  Just omit the butter.   

It is not hard to have home-made, delicious food stuffs handy; it just takes a little planning.  Enjoy!

          "She is like the merchant ships; she brings her food from afar." ~Proverbs 31:14

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Angela Dively said...

I'm canning quite a bit this year (making dilly beans tonight) but I have done the frozen diced peppers before. So great to have on hand. And the frozen tomatoes?!? Genius!!

Amy said...

Those are wonderful hints! I already can a bit and I freeze tomatoes and various berries, but I think I'll have to try freezing peppers.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy you tips, Nicole. I also freeze and can. I will need to try your mom's tomato tip. I'd like to add that now is a wonderful time to support your local food producer. It's always great to know where your food comes from...and meet the farmer!

Far Above Rubies said...

Excellent tips. Thanks for linking up. I have enjoyed passing through. You have a lovely blog.